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Hear What People Are Saying About DNS Made Easy

Easy-to-use front-end, reliable service, and actual humans answering questions when I have them – Dan Richman

Hands down DNSMadeEasy represents the best value in our IT budget. Rarely (in any industry!) do you find a company with an offering that is as good (if not better) than their competitors yet costs hundreds to thousands of times less. Amazing job in all facets guys, you should be proud of the company you've built! – Dan Plaskon

DNS Made Easy is the best DNS service provider in terms of up-time, delay and price. I've been a happy client since 2010 and I do not regret a second my choice. The best ROI in this industry. Definitely recommend to any on-line business! – Eugen Coca

I really love DNS Made Easy. When I make a change to any record in any of my domains that change is instantly propagated to all of their servers and I really like the Automatic DNS Failover & System Monitoring. – Iulian Halac

Nice clean simple interface with helpful tutorials if you need them. Great service. I haven't had any problems. – Suceava Turvirtual

100% uptime! I am able to do mass-changes across domain names and have not seen any downtime at all in the time that we have used them. – Bucovina TurVirtual

Speed of DNS update propagation is just incredible. It's almost instant. Kudos!!! – David Ngo

After extensive research and tests among top DNS vendors, we've concluded that DNSMadeEasy consistently and widely outperforms other providers on a performance-per-dollar basis. We highly recommend web providers switch to DNSME. – Derek Seymour

I've been using DNSMadeEasy since the early days and it has never let me down. its easy to navigate, configure and its always up!! thanks for the many years of great service! – Sam Hunt

DNS made easy and simple to use, even if you have over 100 domains to manage. This support is spectacular, and I've been a happy customer for about five years. – Victor Orly

Simple interface makes DNS management that much better, uptime and failover the best at a great price! – Joe Sheldon

What can I say but excellent! We have been using DNS Made Easy in an ever increasing measure over the last few years as we found the need to outsource our Reverse DNS and Business Critical DNS Services to a global specialist provider. DNS Made Easy fitted the bill very well with an extensive array of features and a proven track record of uptime and capacity that made the decision to chose them a no-brainer. I am a truly satisfied client and I look forward to working with them for many years to come. Keep up the good work guys! – Matthew Butt

I cut over our applications DNS server to DNS made eay, with over 100 million impressions per month it's a scary task. The Zone import tool worked perfectly and the best result possible is zero down time and noone even noticed the cut over. Top result for me and the business. – Paul Kukiel

We were with another service provider who were charging way higher than DNS Made Easy. We moved our DNS hosting to DNS Made Easy around 4 years back and no complaints so far. Their rates are so affordable. Good job DNS Made Easy. – Savi Thomas

Our company has used DNS Made Easy for around a year now. We have been very satisfied with the way the system works. Very easy to use and good support. Thanks again for the great service! – David McCoy

We are extremely satisfied with the fail over options, the API access and the superb tech support. We feel secured with a top tier service that is extremely reliable and affordable. I would specially recommend the service to any startup or medium size business that don't want to worry about DNS to try the service and to the big companies to try the powerful API and fell in love with it. – Armando Andrade

Having that backup protection for DNS that isn't attached to a website server itself ROCKS! DNS Made Easy has saved my butt (business, lol) more than once over the last decade when I had to scramble to move websites quickly… THANK YOU! – Dana Whitmire

I love your fast servers. I love I never have to wait for my changes to reach all servers, they are always instant. I love that you listen to customer feedback, and made two factor authentication available. – Henrik Schack

Inexpensive and easy to use from a browser. You don't know how much you need good reliable DNS services until you need them. I talked my boss into an account only after out local consulting firms DNS went down for over 8 hours. Since then and after a DNS Made Easy account it has happened again but no effect on our domain. – Joe Boro

DNS Made Easy offers great Managed DNS Services and Support. Domains are easily managed from the Management Console and the online Tutorials are extremely helpful. The system monitoring is the most effective tool at monitoring site up time that I have found. – Jason McGee, iGroove Technologies

Our organization has been using DNS Made Easy for over 5 years and they've been an absolute blessing to us! They have made managing our DNS records a breeze and they've improved their UI tremendously, making it much easier to search for specific records. I would definitely recommend DNS Made Easy's services to anyone looking for a quick and simple system to manage all their DNS records. Thank you for the years of service and we look forward to many more years of exceptional service. Rock on DNS Made Easy :) – Eddie Sahakian

I've been using DNS Made Easy for about 10 years. They are super reliable, their control panel is extremely easy to use and configure domains and they are very cost effective. – Chris Hope

I've been a customer since Feb. 2006 and have never regretted choosing DNS Made Easy. I have never experienced any downtime and propagation is lightning fast. The web interface is easy to navigate and the opening dashboard page shows me all the info I need at a glance. In 7+ years I have never needed support. I regularly encourage colleagues and customers to use this service not only because they offer a tremendous service but I don't believe it's a good idea to have your registrar also provide DNS. The best DNS service I have ever used! – Rus Wetherill

DNS Made Easy provides us with an intuitive and powerful portal to control the DNS for our multiple domains. We love the granular control provided while not requiring us to be DNS gurus to utilize some of the more advanced services and functionalities. We have enjoyed not being at the mercy of our ISPs to make our requested changes since making the switch to DNS Made Easy a few years back. We recognize that if we were to host our own external DNS we would never be able to achieve the outstanding redundancy and resiliency that DNS Made Easy provides. In fifteen years of IT, I can honestly say that I've never had a product or service do so much for such a nominal cost. DNS Made Easy is a tremendous value, and a tremendous asset for our company! – Neil Hickey

Automatic DNS failover was something we were missing between our data centers. Since switching to DNS Made Easy, setting this up was a breeze! – Mitch Gates

Because when GoDaddy DNS servers were being attacked my sites were still up! – Tim Hoer

DNS Made Easy does exactly what its name says. Our DNS management is much easier. Not only that, the service is robust, reliable, and cost effective. No other DNS provider compares. – Robert Lentini

I've tried Network Solutions, GoDaddy, 1and1 and Yahoo DNS, No one can provide IP failover, only DNS Made Easy work for me, I moved all my domain to DNS Made Easy, only one DNS server to manage, Easy to configure, Reliable and Affordable, Thank you DNS Made Easy. – Eric Poon

We have never experienced downtime and absolutely love the easy to use interface for managing all the services we have available. If you have need of a totally reliable DNS management system, DNS Made Easy is the one. – Buzz Nofal

I have been using DNS Made Easy for a number of years now. They maintain DNS for ~800 of our 3000 domains. We consider these 800 as needing the highest availability. We are happy to report we have had great success, and feel very comfortable in having our assets protected by the tools DNS Made Easy offers their customers. I especially like the iOS app, which allows me easy access of DNS updates while out and about around town or on vacation. They are a great vendor and I love working with them. Five Stars for DNS Made Easy. I have the utmost respect for them and their services. I confidently recommend them to all those I know. – Matt Segall

Since 2004 I've been trusting DNS Made Easy with my important DNS and they have never let me down. I've seen a lot of customers with DNS issues lose business and website traffic, but I've never had a single outage with DNS Made Easy. They are one of the best investments my company has made. – Brett Stauner

Managing an IT company supplying services to small business in Brisbane, Australia is challenging enough but ContinuIT struck gold when we decided to use DNS Made Easy for our DNS hosting. The speed is 2nd to none, our customers love us because changed propagate faster than any other service we've used and it's rock solid and packed with features. We can't recommend DNS Made Easy highly enough. Great product backed by speedy support. Well done guys. – Glenn Rieger

DNS monitoring and fail-over is essential for a 24×7 business. User interface is intuitive and simple. – Andrew Lauden

DNS Made Easy is very efficient in terms of TCO. Even for such a small, but important part as DNS. To my knowledge, this is most comprehensive service seen (value/price), allowing to use variety of DNS records and services not available at other DNS service providers. Very satisfied. Great job, guys! – Jānis Balodis

I'm using DNS Made Easy for the secondaries on all my zones. I run my own server from a business DSL line, and that's my master DNS server. I have full control of my DNS and a DNS Made Easy package for exactly what I need: reliable, affordable secondary DNS. – Paco Hope

DNS Made Easy's web site has made it possible for me to change MX records and txt records for three of my Elementary school in just minutes with having to wait and pay for a high priced techninal support consultant. This has saved us alot of money and time. – Anthony Coleman

There are many DNS services out there, but none as easy to use, bulletproof and with superb technical support as DNS Made Easy! – Ken Doyle

Since I switched my first 90 domains to DNS I discoverd how dns managment can be easy and professional. Life has really changed! The web interface is simply WOW, the price is the best for the service given and above all I think is the best DNS managment system ever! I pay a price and I have what I really need and it's really EASY. Thanks from Italy and sorry for my poor english writing! – Walter Donegà

What I like about DNSME is that it offers the best DNS technology at an affordable price. Many Anycast DNS providers are overpriced and they're most often even slower than DNSME. Also many of them claim to have 100% uptime and then suddenly they drop queries in North America and New York and they say: "But we didn't droped any queries in Asia", that doesn't help if your clients aren't in Asia. The worse are even their sales people. They sell you a package that isn't suitable for you and then either you don't use half of your queries or you get too many overages. Many DNS companies also claim that they have a 24/7 support and then you wait 3 days to get a reply to your support ticket. But if it's a sales ticket you get an answer after an hour. They should better say that they have 24/7 sales staff, but as client I'd honestly preffer 24/7 support technicians. Also they send you t-shirts and I even saw DNS companies inviting leads to cinema premieres. But I'd like to pay for DNS and not for t-shirts and other swag when I buy a DNS account. That's what I like about DNSME they don't spend their money on swag, they have a fast network and a great support. – Alec Hans

DNSMadeEasy has the perfect balance between simplicity and flexibility. It's simple API for changing an IP of a record has made it easy for us to deal with AWS instances with dynamic ips on boot, and it's wicked fast in responding to queries, much faster than the other dns providers we use. – Nick Moline

We switched to DNS Made Easy several years ago after extensive research. The hardest part of the decision was accepting that a company with "Easy" in it's name was professional enough for our company to use, and the price was seriously lower than the competition. But the reviews were good and after talking to their staff about my concerns, we took a chance and have never regretted it. The performance and reliability has been outstanding, the services offered are perfect for our needs and the interface is truly easy to navigate. Partnering with "DNS Made Easy" was one of the best decisions we ever made. – Dale Sweitzer

Speed, Speed, Speed! Nobody does DNS better and faster than DNS Made Easy. It's simply amazing! Couple that with an easy to use UI – You've got a winner! – Nikhil James

Using DNS Made Easy has provided us with a fast and reliable external DNS presence that is really a "set it and forget it" service. We can count on it… period. The failover option is truly AWESOME! If we have to take a system offline we no longer have to go manually change things and our users are quickly redirected to our service outage page. It just works….and DNS Made Easy ROCKS!!! – Michael Hughes

When my co-lo hosting provider dropped their own DNS system and left me hanging, I searched up and down for an *affordable* DNS provider that also offered basic failover. DNSMadeEasy was by far the least expensive of the major DNS providers who could offer Failover for the "small guy" at a great price. I'm not a corporation that needs "enterprise" level DNS, which most other providers are catering to. Nope, I just needed a handful of domains and a few with failover, and DNS Made Easy, well, made that very, very easy, and priced right. Thanks, DNS Made Easy! – Hank Eskin

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