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Top 10 Ways DNSME Can Offer the Lowest Pricing

It all started because we asked ourselves, wouldn't it be nice to get the wholesale pricing that the big ISPs get for their internet services?

That’s what pushed us to make the DNS Made Easy promise. We strive to provide everyone with enterprise-level features at wholesale pricing.

We designed our business from the ground up with the idea of providing high quality services, for a fraction of the price. But you want the nitty-gritty, so here’s the top 10 ways DNSME works for you to get low prices without compromising quality.

1. We Love our Vendors

We have a strong relationship with our bandwidth partners and vendors, many of which have lasted over a decade. In order to give our users the best quality services, we only partner with Tier 1 providers. A common misconception with this practice is quality means costliness, however we buy all of our services in bulk (servers, bandwidth, colocation, etc.) so you can enjoy the highest quality without having to pay more. We constantly play the sales game with our vendors so you do not have to.

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2. Self-Made Company

We don't rely on angel investors or VC backers, like most other providers. While that may sound crazy, it's actually benefitted us more than we expected. We value every cent we earn more than if it was just given to us. Because of this, we've been able to build and maintain a multi-million dollar network, all on our own.

What does this mean for you as a client? We spend a lot of time researching and investigating where our money goes when it comes to expanding our network and services. In the end, we're able to pass these savings on to you, providing you with the best services in the industry at the best valued pricing.

3. Reliability Comes First

We place a strong emphasis on the importance of reliability. Having an unreliable network backing your site not only looks bad, but also can become expensive very quickly. If your website is unreliable, you'll have more support tickets to deal with, which means more support staff you'll have to hire to deal with the onslaught.

It's simple math, invest in 100% uptime and you'll cut costs, and have happier customers. Trust us, we know because we're the most reliable DNS provider in the industry with 13 years of 100% uptime.

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4. Custom Tailored Features

All of our features have been requested by our users, to fulfill their management needs. Throughout development, we make sure to custom our products for every kind of user, regardless of their organization's size. For example, we've had corporate clients ask for features like Real-Time Stats. Rather than just including RTS and other requested features for solely corporate clients, we've engineered all of our requested features to meet every level of need.

5. Monitoring Services

We actively monitor all of our services using multiple third party monitoring companies like Constellix Sonar. These services allow us to make sure that our services are up and running at all times, all over the world. If there are any performance issues, we know immediately, and have engineers at the ready 24/7/365.

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6. Scalable Services

We realize that you may be a small business owner who doesn't need the capacity of a corporate membership, but may want some of the perks like additional Failover services or Global Traffic Director. To keep membership prices low, we've made features like these into add-ons that you can pay for as you need them.

7. Don't Pay for What You Don't Need

The majority of our users tend to have years of experience managing their DNS, but just need quality and secure services to use. Because of this 99% of our users do not need expensive 24/7 phone support built into their fees. This can be purchased optionally however at a fraction of any of our competitors' fees. We also provide weekend and holiday options.

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8. We are the Industry Experts

Our management team has been in the DNS space for years, so we understand what the proper pricing for services (bandwidth, colocation, monitoring, etc.) should be. That's because they've seen the evolution of the DNS industry and the trends develop as they happen.

9. Straightforward Pricing

We dislike the typical sales process just as much as you do. Frankly, any service that requires you to submit a quote to get pricing, then you should automatically know that you are not getting the "best pricing." Economically speaking, just the overhead of creating the quote is a waste of time and money. We believe that implementing DNS management should be easy and straightforward. We strive to maintain transparency, with all of our pricing listed publicly on our site. Not everything needs to be like buying a car.

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10. No Sales Tactics

We promise only straightforward pricing that is easy to understand. None of our sales engineers get paid on commissions so you get the honest and best pricing up front. We do not have several commission levels that you have to bargain down. All users get the best possible price. Why should the incentive of someone selling you a service be based on how much they can charge you? The average sales person's whole goal is to see how much pain you are willing to spend for a service. Is that the type of company you want to base your internet presence on?

We are extremely happy to say that we are a very profitable group. We have not only been able to beat the competition on price but we have been able to also beat the competition on reliability and features.

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