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Anycast Network
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Free Trial 30 days,
no payment necessary
7 days,
credit card required
credit card required
PoPs 48 (16 x 3
Independent Anycast Clouds)
20 x 1 24 x 1 38 x 1 30 x 1
SLA Only for some plans Only for some plans
Uptime History 99.9999% Not public Not public Not public Not public
DDoS Protection
Dynamic DNS Not public
Failover Included in Business and
Corporate memberships
Not included Not included Pay as you go Not public
Failover Monitoring Free and includes Failback $10 per record Third Party Integrations
Secondary DNS Not public
Load Balancing
Global Traffic Direction
Real-Time Analytics
Online Support Free Free Free Paid Free
Phone Support Pay as needed Not public Enterprise only Business or
enterprise only
Not public

Pricing 12+ Years of Anycast Experience REST API IP Anycast Network ANAME Records HTTP Redirection Records IP Anycast+ Network Automatically Updates Pricing to Lower Tiers Up Front Pricing Cost Effective Geo-DNS Templates Vanity DNS Hassle Free Trial, No CC Required Month to Month Pricing
DNS Made Easy logo Starts at $29.95 per year
10 domains, 5 million qpm

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Free with any membership!

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Neustar logo Starts at $599.40 per year 10 domains, 1 million qpm included
Dyn logo Starts at $180.00 per year 5 domains, 800k qpm included
No indication online if this is allowed with larger plans
Amazon Web logo $0.50 per domain / month – first 25 domains $.50 per million queries – first 1 billion queries / month

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