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CNAME Records at the Root Level

A Breakthrough in DNS Records

DNS Made Easy is proud to be the first DNS provider in the world to offer ANAME records! This new record type is able to mimic CNAME functions at the root level, revolutionizing the way DNS zones can be configured.

When we were designing ANAME records, we had a few requirements:

  • We needed a way to use records with functionality from both CNAME and A records.
  • We wanted to engineer a record that was specifically designed to work with CDNs (Content Delivery Networks).
  • We also needed these records to be able to exist with other record types.
  • These records need to work in a Round Robin configuration.
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A New Record Type

You may have noticed the latest trend called "naked domains" which removes the www. from in front of domain names. While it looks sleek, it can pose issues if you want to use a CDN for that domain. CDN's use CNAME records to point traffic to the hostname of the CDN service. The problem is, you can't use a CNAME record on a naked domain.

To bypass this, people had to point their CDN’s to the www. version of their site and then redirect users to the naked domain. All of those redirects and extra steps can be time consuming.

ANAME records function as a CNAME record with naked domains, removing the need for redirects and reducing load times.


Create Additional Name Servers

Use ANAME as Root Record

ANAME records can point to a hostname, similar to a CNAME record. They can also exist with all other record types.

backup plan

Engineered for CDN's

You can combine ANAME records with Global Traffic Direction. That means you can have different IP mappings in our 5 different GTD regions.

added security

Round Robin Friendly

Multiple ANAME records can be configured with the same name, and all additional IP's will be added in a Round Robin configuration through DNS Made Easy.

its so simple

Fast IP Synchronization

ANAME records are continuously monitored and instantly propagated using Peregrine Instant DNS updates to all of our servers around the world.

added security

Great for SEO

Since the record is now an A record (and not a CNAME) you will receive a faster DNS lookup, resulting in faster website load times, and ultimately improving SEO.

it's so simple

Secure Automated Changes

All changes to your records are made securely over our internal worldwide layer 2 network.

ANAME Records Improve CDN Services

When combined with the Global Traffic Director, ANAME records provide an extremely flexible and powerful solution to keep your CDN services running optimally.

As soon as an ANAME record is defined with a particular GTD region (other than Default) the ANAME service ensures that it will only use DNS Made Easy's resolving name servers that are in that particular region. For example, if you create an ANAME record with "Europe" as the GTD region, then only resolving name servers in Europe would be used to create the A records for this new record type.

This makes sure that your traffic will continue to be routed regionally as planned within your worldwide infrastructure. ANAME are the only record types that can provide you with the complete power and flexibility that enterprise companies require from their networks today.

Configure Secondary Domain

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