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How Mail Service Forwarding Works

Mail Server Forwarding is used to forward all incoming email for a domain to a destination email server on a specified port.

The destination mail server (an MTA, mail transfer agent), must have the ability to accept email for that domain. DNS Made Easy's enterprise email servers will route the incoming email for that domain forward to the destination email server. This service is extremely popular for people that want to accept mail on a port other than port 25. Mail Server Forwarding service also includes free Backup Email Service.

How is Mail Server Forwarding Configured

To configure MSF, add your domain within the DNS Made Easy control panel as well as the mail server host name and port you would like your email delivered to on the destination server. You can then change your MX records to use DNS Made Easy's mail server forwarding servers and you are ready to accept mail on your system. This service will also work with dynamic IP's using the DNS Made Easy Dynamic DNS solution. NOTE: DNS Made Easy DNS Service is not required to use our Mail Server Forwarding Services. You can add the appropriate MX records for your domain on any system.

NOTE: DNS Made Easy DNS service for your domain is not required to use our backup mail services. You can add the appropriate MX records for your domain on any system.

Quota's and Limitations

  • Each domain is allowed up to 1 GB or 100,000 messages in queue.
  • Each domain is allowed to transfer 10 GB of email per month.


  • $18.95 per domain per year


  • Forward Email Server to Server
  • Use Non-standard Ports
  • 1000 MB per Day
  • Service for 1 Domain
  • 24/7 Web Support Included
  • Unlimited Messages per Day
  • 1000 MB Max Queued

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