Why Use Managed DNS?

Too often administrators rely on their registrar or hosting provider's DNS services. Usually the registrar will only include basic DNS services. Studies have shown that outsourcing to a third party provider increases uptime and the performance of your domains. Third party providers also offer more advanced and customizable DNS configurations than what a hosting provider or registrar can offer. DNS Made Easy is proud to be the industry leader for both speed and reliability.

DNS Made Easy offers 3 different ways to manage your DNS configurations:

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Advanced Services We Offer

DNS Made Easy gives you a variety of tools to manage your query traffic at all membership levels. Our team has spent the last 15 years evolving with the needs of our users, which has allowed us to shape the way admins manage their DNS today. Here are some of the services we offer:

Small Business

$ 29.95


  • 10 Domains
  • 400 Records
  • 5M Queries per month
  • Real-Time Statistics
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Add DNS Failover Records
  • Add Phone Support
  • For additional domains, records, or queries: please upgrade to a Business or Corporate Membership. Learn more


$ 59.95


  • 25 Domains (Add more?)
  • 1,000 Records
  • 10M Queries per month
  • 3 DNS Failover Records
  • Real Time Statistics
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • REST API Access
  • For additional domains, cost starts at $1.95 per domain per year. Learn more


$ 124.95


  • 50 Domains (Add more?)
  • 2,000 Records
  • 50M Queries per Month
  • 10 DNS Failover Records
  • 1 GTD Domain Included
  • 10 Sub-User Accounts
  • Expanded Real Time Statistics
  • Three-Factor Authentication
  • Phone Support (business hours)
  • REST API Access
  • For additional domains, costs start at $1.95 per domain per year. Over 50 million queries will be invoiced automatically based on your query usage. Learn more
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What Causes Outages?

Recent attacks on service providers have thrust DNS into the spotlight as an overlooked vulnerability to online businesses. We'll show you how different DNS attacks work and how you can use Managed DNS to prevent them from affecting your business.

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Anticipate Threats

Our team battles DDoS and other DNS-based attacks on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis. We use real-time data to capture critical information about these attacks and use this to thwart them before they can cause any issues. We used this same technology to design Real-Time Statistics (RTS), which shows your domain's query traffic as it is happening, from every location in the DNS Made Easy network.

We have even been able to use RTS as a means to anticipate and actually predict attacks by analyzing trends in query usage. Learn more about the different ways you can use RTS to improve your performance, security, and more...

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