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All Your Query Statistics at Your Fingertips

RTS brings all your query data together in one simple and intuitive dashboard. Make faster, better informed decisions.

Analyze your incoming query traffic by:


resource record

resource record

resource record


Forget About Messy Backlogs

To do your job well, you need the right information at the right time. Unfortunately, query analytics live in a mess of disconnected backlogs and reports.

Now you can request real-time information for all of your domains at the push of a button. RTS runs query analytics every ten minutes, ensuring you always have up to the minute data for immediate analysis.

RTS solve that problem




Tired of spending hours sifting through backlog reports? RTS automates the process in a push of a button.

resource record


It's your data, format it the way that you want. Identify traffic abnormalities with either Chart or Tabular View.


Real-time Reporting

RTS runs query analytics every ten minutes, so you are always analyzing up to the minute data.

time frame

Make Faster Decisions

RTS streamlines the troubleshooting process, allowing you to quickly develop a course of action.


IPV6 Ready

With RTS, you can see which users are requesting your domains using IPv6.

time frame

Foresee DNS Attacks

RTS can anticipate an impending DNS attack and expose potential vulnerabilities to the user's domains.

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New Article!

Your query traffic can tell you a alot about your users and how they access your domains. In this article we used RTS to answer the top 3 quesions users have about their query traffic. What you will learn:

  • How do I identify a DNS attack?
  • How can I reduce my query usage?
  • Where is my traffic coming from?

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Advanced RTS

We are now able to offer advanced RTS functionality, which allows you to increase the window of time you can view in your RTS reports.

  • Small Business and Business users can view query logs up to 45 days
  • Corporate clients can view query logs up to 62 days

Keep in mind that the longer the time period is, the less granular the data will be. Rather than seeing intervals at every 5 minutes, you will see query data at hourly intervals.

RTS solve that problem

Coming Soon!

This is just the beginning, RTS will be rolling out new functionality over the coming months so you can analyze even more!

  • View query data for the week, month, or year
  • View domains with the largest number of queries
  • Send query logs to 3rd party storage
  • Set alerts when query rates increase above historical thresholds
  • Download historical query data
  • More coming soon!

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