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Initial Download

When you first open RTS, the initial load will be in Chart View. The Chart View Dashboard will display the top five time series: the number of queries your domain has received over a 5 day period.

This initial download will provide you with a quick overview of all of your queries by location. Any abnormal spikes will appear here, letting you know as soon as possible if there are regional issues that need to be resolved.

initial download


Before we dive into the tutorials, we'd like to define a few terms so that we have a common language when using RTS.



A set of points that count as a function of time. In the initial download in chart view, each time-series is represented by a set of queries for a particular location.

resource record


You can “roll up” the different dimensions to remove them from the chart by checking the box next to that dimension.

resource record


When dimensions have specific values, they become a bucket (a collection of dimensions). Each bucket becomes a plot on the graph.

resource record


Location, record type, and/or record name are the “dimensions” of a bucket.


Now that we have a common language, let's move on to how we can use RTS to analyze our query data. There are two different ways to view queries. We recommend you start with the Chart View, then move on to the Tabular View.

RTS Header

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