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Your Backup Plan

Prevent DNS outages and improve performance

Secondary DNS distributes your query traffic between your two (or more) providers. Resolving name servers favor whichever provider is performing better, and will deliver the majority of the query load to those name servers.

If your primary provider becomes unavailable, your query traffic will automatically be served by your secondary provider with virtually no effects to end-users.

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In case you missed last month's webinar on Secondary DNS, you can watch the full recording on our YouTube channel! Learn how Secondary DNS can actually improve your domain's performance and even increase conversions.

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Create Additional Name Servers

Create Additional Name Servers

This feature allows you to create additional name servers outside of your current name server set that can respond authoritatively for your domain.

backup plan

Back Up Plan

DNS Made Easy's secondary name servers can be used in addition to your primary name servers at your registrar.

added security

Added Security

You can even configure your name server(s) as hidden masters for added security.

it's so simple

It's So Simple!

It's so simple all you need to do is tell your domain registrar that your domain will be using DNS Made Easy's secondary name server(s) and then configure the zone transfer on our name servers. Check out our help tutorials here!

Small Business

$ 29.95


  • 10 Domains
  • 400 Records
  • 5M Queries per month
  • Real-Time Statistics
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Add DNS Failover Records
  • Add Phone Support
  • For additional domains, records, or queries: please upgrade to a Business or Corporate Membership. Learn more


$ 59.95


  • 25 Domains (Add more?)
  • 1,000 Records
  • 10M Queries per month
  • 3 DNS Failover Records
  • Real Time Statistics
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • REST API Access
  • For additional domains, cost starts at $1.95 per domain per year. Learn more


$ 124.95


  • 50 Domains (Add more?)
  • 2,000 Records
  • 50M Queries per Month
  • 10 DNS Failover Records
  • 1 GTD Domain Included
  • 10 Sub-User Accounts
  • Expanded Real Time Statistics
  • Three-Factor Authentication
  • Phone Support (business hours)
  • REST API Access
  • For additional domains, costs start at $1.95 per domain per year. Over 50 million queries will be invoiced automatically based on your query usage. Learn more

How to Start Using Secondary DNS

To start using Secondary DNS, you need to create your domain on DNS Made Easy's enterprise secondary name servers which will require you to configure an IP Set with the IP of one or more of your master / primary name servers. Then, tell your domain registrar that your domain will be using DNS Made Easy's secondary name server(s).

Configure Secondary IP Set:

  1. Click on Secondary IP Sets under the Advanced tab on the main menu.
  2. This will take you to the Secondary IP Set grid layout.
  3. To create a new Secondary IP set, click the plus button on the grid.
  4. In the Name field, enter the name you would like associated with this set of primary name servers.
  5. In the IPs field, enter the IP addresses of your primary name servers.
  6. Once you click Submit, the Secondary IP set will be created in the DNS Made Easy system. This set can now be used when configuring your secondary DNS domains.

Configure Secondary Domain:

  1. Next, add a domain to your Secondary DNS
  2. Click the Secondary DNS link under the DNS tab on the main menu.
  3. Click the Add Secondary button to open the Add a secondary DNS entry modification window.
  4. Once there, enter one-or multiple domains into the Domain Names field.
  5. Under the IP Set dropdown, select the IP Set identifying the primary name servers you will use for the domains you entered.
  6. If you have multiple users on your account, you can also choose from different folders that you can add your domain to, 2:37otherwise you can disregard this option at this time.
  7. Once you have entered your domains and selected a Secondary IP set, click Ok.
  8. The Success prompt will appear to inform you that your domain has been successfully added to the DNS Made Easy system.

Add the Name Servers as NS records under the primary zone for this domain.

You will have to complete this step within your primary name server's interface.The lower grid lists the IP addresses that DNS Made Easy will use to request zone transfers from the master, or primary name servers for your domain name. These are also the IPs that you will configure your primary name servers to send NOTIFYs to in the event that any of the records change.

For a step-by-step guide on adding Secondary DNS: view our tutorial.

Configure Secondary Domain

Configure Secondary Domain

Configure Secondary Domain

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