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DNS Made Easy operates Internet backbones with the largest and most reliable data providers in the business. Providing answers to each DNS request with complete redundancy is what we guarantee for each of the 40 billion DNS requests we receive each day. We believe that having zero downtime is not only expected in the DNS business, but required.

  • Seattle, WA USA
  • San Jose, CA USA
  • Los Angeles, CA USA
  • Washington, DC USA
  • New York, NY USA
  • Chicago, IL USA
  • Miami, FL USA
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Dallas, TX USA
  • London, GB
  • Frankfurt, DE
  • Amsterdam, NL
  • Tokyo, JP
  • Singapore, SG
  • Sydney, AU
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A Network Fully Managed and Controlled In-house

Many of the IP Anycast DNS providers in the market today outsource their network partially or fully because they lack the technical knowledge and resources to manage a network of that magnitude all by themselves. At DNS Made Easy, this is what separates us from our competitors. We know that managing our full network from contract, to rack, to router, to switch, to name server is the only way we can fully manage and optimize it for speed, redundancy, and scalability. With 100% of network management being handled in-house, we ensure you receive the highest quality of service possible.

Managed In-house

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Migrating to the cloud has been a hot topic for a few years now. From DevOps to SysAdmins, the internet is abuzz with horror stories and trepidations about cloud migration. But fear not! We are going to address the common myths and concerns associated with moving your domains to the cloud.

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Tier 1 Providers

Tata Communications

NTT Communications
Telia Sonera


We Operate a 5th Generation Network

In 2001 DNS Made Easy first offered a web interface to manage DNS services. In the past 10 years, our networks have evolved to reflect the service, redundancy, and speed that our clients require from a world class enterprise DNS provider. In addition, network security and network attacks of a decade ago were smaller and less sophisticated than those seen today. At DNS Made Easy, we constantly research, upgrade, and redesign our network to exceed industry standards and insure we can defend against modern security threats.

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The Logic Behind Our Expansions

As you already know, we just recently added two new points of presence (PoP) to our network. We've been researching and preparing for the past year, so our clients can get the best speed and redundancy possible. We actually have a very lengthy process that we go through when we consider adding any new PoPs that involves hours of research and building cases for which region would benefit the most from an expansion. We've been asked by some of our clients to share our process and some of the research we conduct to make our expansion decisions such as: third-party research, factors leading to expansion, costliness, and future plans for our network.

#2 in Asia Pacific

The Asia-Pac region is one of the most tumultuous regions in the world when it comes to internet connectivity. International politics make it nearly impossible to have a stable or reliably fast connection. Most networks will have great connectivity within one particular city or region, such as: Tokyo within Japan. However, going between different regions within Asia-Pac, connections are often unreliable when it comes to speed. For instance, internet connection from Singapore to Hong Kong may go through Los Angeles if the connection is only using Tier 1 providers. This is because many regional ISPs do no like to talk to each other in all appropriate regions. Our engineers have been battling with bureaucracy in the Asia-Pac region for years. After months of research and negotiations, our engineers have created a plan to work around these issues.

We began by looking at third-party monitoring services such as CloudHarmony, Pingdom, Constellix, and compared our resolution times to that of our competitors. Our network was consistently within the top five, but our goal is to always be number one or within the top three. Singapore, which has commonly been referred to as the Silicon Valley of Asia, is one of the top colocation facilities in the world. We decided that opening a PoP in Singapore would not only boost our speeds, but add another layer of redundancy to our network. The Asia-Pac region has historically been the number one source of DDoS attacks over the last few years. Essentially, the larger of a presence we can maintain, the better we're able to ensure 100% uptime with no negative effects to end-users.

Our initiative has been rolling out in two parts. First, we sent techs to install the PoP in Singapore at the Equinix facility. We chose Equinix because of our strong relationship with them over the last decade. Once we turned up the name servers, users were instantly able to notice huge cuts in resolution times. The second part of the expansion will be implemented over the next month as we begin our partnerships with Telstra and TeliaSonera. Even though we are currently in the top 3, our goal is that our relationship with Telstra will drastically reduce our resolution times.

Currently, Telstra is the primary eyeball network in Oceania, so end-users in the Oceanic region will also enjoy lower resolution times and better connectivity. It's only been a week since we've turned up Singapore, but our users are already starting to notice the effects. In the chart below (provided by CloudHarmony) you can see that around the 27th of October (when Singapore went live), resolution times took a huge plunge. Query resolution times dropped by over 11ms on average across Asia-Pacific. As we continue to monitor the changes and wrap up our deal with Telstra, we will post updated graphs.

Since we've expanded into Singapore, we are now in all ten of the top ten colocation markets in the world.

Asia | Pre-Singapore

Asia | Pre-Singapore

Asia | Post-Singapore

Asia | Post-Singapore

#1 in Europe

When our expansion into Singapore was first proposed, some of our engineers already had their eyes on expanding our presence in Europe. While resolution times weren't the major concern like with most of the regions we expand in, our engineers wanted to use the new PoP as another layer of security. Sounds like a lot of work for some extra safety, but lately we've seen a lot of malicious traffic coming in from Eastern Europe and Western Asia. We already had locations in London and Frankfurt, but we had yet to expand into Amsterdam which is the second largest internet exchange point (IXP) in the world. Amsterdam has exploded over the last few years, hosting many of the Alexa top 100 companies.

The same week we sent techs to Singapore, we sent a team to Amsterdam to install the new PoP at a Telecity facility. We chose Telecity because they are the top carrier neutral colocation facility. Adding name servers to this PoP will add another buffer between our end-users and potential attackers, and will prove invaluable over the coming years.

Over the coming weeks we will also be adding even more bandwidth to our European network through a new partnership with TeliaSonera. We will be adding 10gb of connectivity at each of our PoPs, and the effects will be noticeable immediately. We're constantly upgrading our network to improve capacity and maintain our Enterprise-level DNS management promise. In order to do this, we have to regularly examine our network and look for potential weaknesses or room for growth. Being that the two largest IXP's in the world are located in Europe (Frankfurt and Amsterdam) we felt that Europe should be one of the first regions we will revamp to begin our Enterprise-level speed initiative.

#1 in US East and Top 2 in US West

Over the past year, our historical data has shown DNSME to consistently rank within the top three for speed across the United States. In US East, we've steadily ranked as number one for the last few months, mostly due to our recent revamp of our Ashburn PoP. We are constantly looking for ways to expand our network and maintain our leadership within the industry. To begin this effort, this past summer, we sent techs to the West Coast to upgrade and increase bandwidth at all of our US West PoPs (Los Angeles, San Jose, and Seattle).

U.S. East

#1 in US East

U.S. West

#1 in US West

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