ANAME Records

What is an ANAME record?

An ANAME record is like a CNAME record, but at the root your domain.

That means you can point the "naked" version of your domain (like ) to a hostname (like ).

ANAME records are most commonly used to point the root of a domain to a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service or to point the root of a domain to multiple hostnames.

Why You Should Choose ANAME


ANAME cuts down resolution times, which can boost search engine rankings and user experience.

Load Balancing

ANAME records can be used in a Round Robin load balancing configuration.

Regional ANAME Records

They can be combined with the Global Traffic Director for region-specific responses.

Instant Syncing

DNS updates are instantaneous! When our systems detect an IP change, we will update your ANAME record in real time.

How It Works


CNAME records: point a subdomain to an FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name). They cannot be used at the root level.

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A records: point the root or subdomain to an IP address.

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ANAME records: We combined the two record types to create a record that behaves like a CNAME record (points to a FQDN) but at the root level.

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What's Really Going On...

DNS Made Easy ANAME records are actually a virtual record type, because they require the assistance of a resolving nameserver to turn an FQDN into an IP address.

What happens is when you query an ANAME record, you're actually asking DNS Made Easy to resolve the FQDN stored in the ANAME record. If it resolves to an IP, we will return that IP as the endpoint of the ANAME record.

If we can't resolve the ANAME record, we will return a cached IP address that we retrieved during an earlier resolution. That way, if the FQDN is unresponsive for whatever reason, we will still have an endpoint to return and you can avoid unnecessary downtime.

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Resolving Nameserver

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Need something more advanced?

Try our new service, Constellix , which offers a completely reinvented ANAME service that support EDNS client subnet for more geo-accurate query routing. Constellix ANAME is faster, more reliable, and granular. We highly recommend switching to Constellix is you are using ANAME records to point to mission critical systems that are updated frequently or you require the most accurate GeoDNS resolution.

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