Global Traffic Director

What is the Global Traffic Director?

GTD uses region-specific routing to optimize traffic flow and query resolution accuracy. Traffic is segmented into five different regions and queries are answered by nameservers in their current region.

GTD was designed for users that have region-specific systems. For example, you would use GTD if you had a server in Europe that you want only European traffic to be routed to. You can also use GTD in tandem with DNS Failover to automatically route traffic around regional outages.

Available in:

North America East

North America West




Need more advanced location-specific routing?

Try our new GeoDNS service Constellix. Route traffic by proximity and decide how users will access your domains based on their: location, IP, ASN, or network.

Improve Accuracy

GTD corrects wrong resolution errors caused by IP allocation.

Speed Boost

Queries are answered locally, improving resolution times and accuracy.


Combine the GTD with failover for added redundancy. Automatically redirect traffic around outages.


Small Business



$660 / year


1 GTD Domain Included

Additional GTD domains can be purchased for

$540 / year

or $45 / month

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