Real-Time Traffic Anomaly Detection (RTTAD)

Identify issues instantly

Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection (RTTAD) instantly identifies suspicious activity and traffic spikes so you can stop attacks before they happen. RTTAD is the only service of its kind in the industry and provides unparalleled insight into your DNS.

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Thousands of brands trust DNS Made Easy to protect their domains.


"Protecting your domains has never been more important with DDoS attacks on the rise by a staggering 204%

Prevent DDoS Attacks and Identify Anomalies

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Machine Learning

Machine learning that dynamically selects the best model out of a series of models that accurately represents your data.

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Instant Alerts

You have the ability to set up customized team alerts in the event of suspicious activity in order to prevent additional damage.

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This service is vital to internet-dependent businesses. With prices starting at only $50/month, RTTAD can fit any budget. You can't put a price on domain security and DDoS attack prevention.

Ultimate Security

Enjoy built-in DDoS protection at every point of presence in our network. We only partner with Tier 1 vendors.

Only Provider Offering Proprietary Anomaly Detection Solutions

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