DNS Failover

Load balancing + health checks

DNS Failover is a solution designed to help keep your services online. Systems and services go down, and when they do, DNS failover is used to direct your users to another resource with little to no disruption. DNS Made Easy’s failover solution has a 20+ year history of keeping domains and brands online. Past studies have revealed that DNS Made Easy failover services have saved businesses an estimated $4+ billion per quarter.

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What is DNS Failover?

DNS Failover keeps websites and applications online in the event of system or network issues. This is done by the constant monitoring of your services. If an issue is detected, appropriate actions are taken to modify your FQDN’s IP address to another IP address. All of this is possible with DNS Made Easy’s proprietary Peregrine Instant DNS updates (PIDU) technology, which pushes DNS changes to our thousands of authoritative nameservers worldwide in less than a second.

Failover is most commonly used to move traffic off of an unhealthy web server, and redirect it to a preconfigured backup web server. DNS Made Easy also verifies if the backup web server is functional first.

How DNS Failover Works


Failover uses health checks to monitor the status of the IP address(es) in your DNS records. Health checks run every 2-4 minutes from multiple monitoring locations. If you require a higher frequency of monitoring please consider looking at our Constellix platform.


A failover event will only occur if all of our monitoring nodes report your IP address as down. In that case, we will run a quick health check on your backup system(s) in the order you specified in your configuration. As soon as we detect a functional system, we will update the DNS record to point to your first available backup IP address.


If more than one system is down, we’ll check your additional backup system(s) and update your DNS record accordingly. You can set up to four redundant IP addresses in a failover record configuration.


We will continue to monitor your primary endpoint, even after a failover event has occurred. When service is restored, we will automatically “failback” traffic to your primary. Optionally you can chose to leave traffic in a failed status based on your particular use case.

DNS Monitoring and Failover Tech Specs

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Specify up to four redundant IP addresses.

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Monitoring available over: TCP, UDP, DNS, HTTP, or HTTPS protocols on any port you desire.

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Updates (failover and failback) are propagated instantly across our entire network.

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Optionally choose to notify your team of system outage and failover events.

Need more advanced Failover?

Our sister product, Constellix, offers more granular monitoring, so your failover changes happen even quicker.

Constellix Failover is available for: A, AAAA, ANAME, and CNAME records
Choose as many different monitoring locations as you wish
Monitoring intervals from 1 second to 1 day
Traceroute and visual traceroute provided in notification reports to help troubleshoot any outage
Avoid false positives with verified checks
All IPs in the failover config are constantly monitored (not just when the primary is down) which results in faster failover

Failover Pricing

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5 Failover Records Included
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$ 175


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10 Failover Records Included
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