Our Global DNS Network

18-year 100% uptime history

#1 speeds month after month

Over 40 billion queries handled daily

Partnerships with Tier 1 vendors

DNS Made Easy operates the fastest and most reliable DNS network in the world. Our points of presence (PoP) are located at crucial peering points for optimal connectivity.

We are so confident in our network, we guarantee 100% uptime, or your money back. Business users are entitled to 500% back, while Corporate members get 1000% back in service level credit. Read more

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The DNS Made Easy Advantage

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Secure DNS

Our network was designed to withstand a variety of DNS-based attacks in both scale and complexity. This is how we are able to guarantee 100% uptime and some of the fastest resolution times in the industry.

Before queries reaches our nameservers, we use a proprietary “scrubbing” algorithm to clean out malicious traffic. We have also equipped all of our PoP’s with a comprehensive system of firewalls that act as an invincible barrier against potential threats.

  • Proprietary and open source firewall and intrusion detection services
  • Remote traffic blackholing and bandwidth capacity agreements with Tier 1 upstream providers
  • Proprietary and open source DDoS mitigation devices
  • Distributed infrastructure monitoring that utilizes internal and third party monitoring services
  • Heavily enforced employee access control and information disclosure policies
  • Automated zone comparison on all DNS Servers
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Multi-Tiered Redundancy

We believe that having zero downtime is not only expected in the DNS business, but required. That’s why we engineered the Elite Resolution Platform , a proprietary multi-tiered framework that creates localized server redundancy and scalability within our Anycast server constellation.

Every server cluster has its own assigned set of redundant servers that are constantly updated through our multi-tiered zone consistency system Peregrine Instant DNS Updates .

That means if a server cluster is overloaded with traffic, then its redundant counterpart will take on a portion of the traffic. All nameservers are preconfigured to handle these contingencies. This allows our network to withstand even catastrophic localized or even regional outages. Redundant server clusters would automatically take over the query load with no appreciable effects to querying clients.

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Instant DNS Updates

Any time you make an update to a record, those changes are instantaneously propagated to all of our nameservers in our global network. We call this Peregrine DNS Updates which use a multi-tiered cascading system to update nearby nameserver clusters in just a few milliseconds.

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100% Managed In-House

We manage and control every aspect of our network from contract to rack, to router, to switch, to nameserver. This may not seem like a big deal, but the problem is many DNS vendors outsource their network partially or fully because they lack the technical knowledge and resources to manage a network of that magnitude all by themselves.

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