100% DNS Uptime History

DNS Made Easy has industry-leading 100% uptime. With the most reliable and secure DNS for enterprise and global domains.

DNS Made Easy - 100% DNS Uptime for 12 Years

It is thanks to its battle-tested, self-healing infrastructure that DNS Made Easy has been able to provide unparalleled reliability and industry-leading speeds. With a proven 12-year track record of 100% uptime—the longest in the industry—our clients know they can trust us to keep them online. It is important to us that your organization has the best online experience possible, which is why our top priority at DNS Made Easy is to continually expand our network and develop innovative solutions for a modern-day world.

DNS Made Easy runs on parent company Tiggee LLC’s Anycast+ network. Each of our nameservers is company-owned and maintained, and strategically positioned in top-tier data centers around the globe. Since 2002, the DNS Made Easy network has grown from a one-person operation with no PoPs to a multi-million dollar corporation with 23 PoPs (and counting), over 3,200+ peers, 300 Gbps of peering capacity, 730 Gbps of transit capacity, and 4TB of DDoS protection. DNS Made Easy invests a significant amount of revenue in its infrastructure, and that’s why we have the longest running uptime worldwide.

Not only is DNS Made Easy number one in uptime, but it is consistently ranked at the top for global speed and performance.

Each DNS query is timed and logged, and at the end of the month, third party firms analyze the data and generates a report, which includes the rankings of the top p in terms of DNS query speed in milliseconds.


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