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DigiCert DNS Made Easy is ranked at the top of speed and performance testing. With 24 global PoPs and counting, our dedication and investment to infrastructure is what it takes for your domains and applications to get to the next level in 2023. Compare providers and see where your current provider stacks up against the competition.

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Here are the top 12 providers and their current speeds from the latest independent DNS benchmark testing on a global scale (Source DNSPerf: January 2023):

DNSPerf Testing Information:
1. DNS providers are tested every minute from 200+ global locations
2. Only IPv4 is used
3. A 1 second timeout is set. If a query takes longer, it's marked as timeout
4. The data is updated once per hour

See For Yourself With these Tools:

There are many different third party monitoring tools you can use to test our network. The following are an assortment of network monitoring tools, reviews, and comparisons.

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