DNS Performance

Fastest and most reliable global network

Scale Even Faster
Bring content closer to users wherever they are in the world along fastest path to decrease load time
Elite Performance Made Easy
We are always adding PoPs to our already extensive network to bring the end user the ultimate experience. Every time.
Preventing Malicious Activity
Our solutions defend and alert against abusive traffic and DDoS Attacks in order to reduce application load and outages, all while keeping data safe.

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DNS Made Easy Performance

100% Application Availability

Our network prevents unavailable or overloaded infrastructure. We strive to keep applications fast, 100% reliable , and fully scalable, even during unexpected traffic spikes or infrastructure outages.

Fast for Mobile Users

We live in a digital world where everyone seems to be on a mobile device. By optimizing your DNS management your user engagement and conversions will increase.

Accelerated Applications

Pages with heavy content often slow down websites. DNS Made Easy provides an accelerated user experience for applications in order to optimize your revenue, increase engagement and help your bottom line.

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