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An internet presence is a vital part of today’s business models. In truth, There are very few places left in the world that aren’t heavily reliant on the internet in 2022. In Europe, for example, 91% of EU-27 households have internet access, with 80% of users going online at least once a day.

Because of the growing need for internet services, we’ve been highlighting the best DNS options for specific regions, as strong and reliable DNS is more important than ever before.

Today, we’ll be discussing Norway.

Norway: Online Business Trends and Consumer Behavior

Norway is the 66th largest country in the world and the 8th largest in Europe. Out of its population of over 5,491,895, 96% of Norwegians use the internet. Banking and email were the most widely used purposes at 93 and 92% respectively, and over 30% of residents use the web for shopping and selling products and services (Statista).

In 2021, Norway’s GDP was 445.51 billion, up nearly 83 million from 2020, and is predicted to increase to 509.19 billion by 2026. Furthermore, e-commerce has become a large part of the Norwegian economy, making up approximately 5%. It also has the second-largest e-commerce market in the region, next to Sweden.

E-commerce will no doubt become an even greater contribution to Norway’s overall GDP in the coming years. To fully capitalize on the growing digital economy, you need the best DNS in your area.

What is a DNS Server?

A DNS server is a nameserver that facilitates the domain name system. These servers are located across the globe and work together to convert domain names like to numerical IP addresses like DNS runs on a hierarchical structure and includes the following servers:  root, top level domain (TLD), recursive, and authoritative. Each of these nameservers relies on the other to do their job. 

Tip: To learn more about DNS and the different server types, read our blog on Authoritative vs. Recursive DNS.

It is because of DNS that the products and services we have grown accustomed to using are even possible on such a large scale. DNS not only allows people to find your business online, but it also helps provide better end-user experiences and even boosts SEO. 

Top Visited Websites in Norway

Accoring to Statista, these were the top websites in Norway in 2020:


Best DNS Server in Norway: Boost Your Website’s Performance

Your online strategy should always start with DNS. 


Simple. Because every time someone visits a website, a DNS lookup is initiated. The speed at which a lookup is resolved is more important than many people realize. Even slow DNS happens fast. It’s just milliseconds, right? What does it even matter?

The fact is every millisecond counts when it comes to maximizing your ROI and your website’s potential. It’s well known that end users expect near-immediate load times when visiting a site. Just think about how you feel when you visit a site that takes longer to load than you think it should. You don’t like it. No one does. But just how long does it take for someone to give up on a website?

One to two seconds. 

Hobo SEO Consultancy recently found that a 2-second delay increases abandonment by as much as 87%. A 100-millisecond decrease in load time, however, caused a 1.11% increase in conversions for a given session.

DNS speed does matter.

DNS Speed Comparison: Worldwide

Now for the fun part. Let’s take a look at DNS speeds! We’ll be analyzing average speeds by world and by only Norway to get the best picture using PerfOps. Below is a graph of average speeds for some of the top DNS providers on a global scale within the last seven days:

Norway Speed Test
Cloudflare - 11.51 ms
DNS Made Easy - 20.67 ms
Constellix - 20.68 ms
NS1 - 24.46 ms
UltraDNS - 24.89 ms
Route 53 - 33.51 ms
Azure - 38.95 ms
GoDaddy - 40.37 ms
Google Cloud - 51.75 ms
Akamai - 76.04 ms
Dyn - 84.01 ms

This data shows us provider speeds grouped by data sources and is complied by average performance worldwide.

We can also break it down by continent. As you’ll see, the results vary:

Europe Speed test

Ranking and speeds change slightly when just analyzing Europe. For example, while Cloudflare, DNS Made Easy, and Constellix holds steady in the top 3 spots, Azure and NS1 drop down while several move up, and Dyn still rounds out the bottom. 

Cloudflare - 9.35 ms
DNS Made Easy - 19.52 ms
Constellix - 19.65 ms
UltraDNS - 20.67
NS1 - 21.13 ms
Route 53 - 23.04 ms
GoDaddy - 24.1 ms
Google Cloud - 31.45 ms
Azure - 36.05 ms
Akamai - 53.4 ms
Dyn - 94.87 ms

DNS Speed Comparison: Norway

This data is great, but for Norwegian businesses, what’s most important is DNS speeds in Norway. So let’s take a look. Here, we see the most significant change:

Cloudflare - 7.09 ms
Constellix - 14.65 ms
DNS Made Easy - 14.66 ms
UltraDNS - 16.9
Route 53 - 22.65 ms
Dyn - 22.77 ms
Azure - 26.06 ms
NS1 - 26.07 ms
GoDaddy - 27.41 ms
Google Cloud - 33.05 ms
Akamai - 65.91 ms

Once again, Cloudflare, Constellix, and DNS Made Easy hold the top 3 spots and have even more efficient speeds in Norway. Dyn, who had the overall worst averages for World and Europe, saw a significant improvement in speeds. However, NS1, Google Cloud, GoDaddy, and Akamai performed worse. What this tells us is that just because a provider performs well in some areas, doesn’t mean they perform well where your customers are.

Businesses catering to a predominantly Norwegian audience would be best served by one of the top-performing providers in Norway. 

Why DNS Uptime Is So Important For Businesses

There is one more vital part to the puzzle for domain owners. Having the absolute fastest DNS isn’t going to help if a provider is prone to outages. Not only are DNS outages detrimental to your bottom line—costing upwards of $300,000 per hour on average—they also affect your brand reputation. Always be sure to check a prospective provider’s uptime history. 

Here’s a timeline of some of the most notable outages within the last decade:

Cloudflare - June 2021, Aug 2020, Jul 2020, Apr 2020, Jul 2019

Constellix - NONE (over 8 years of 100% uptime)

DNS Made Easy - NONE (over 12 years of 100% uptime)

Neustar UltraDNS - May 2021, Oct 2015, Apr 2014, Jan 2013

NS1 - 2021, 2016

Network Solutions - Mar 2021, May 2021

Route 53/AWS - Dec 2021, Nov 2021, Sept 2021, Nov 2020, Oct 2019, May 2019, Apr 2019, Mar 2017 

Dyn - Mar 2021, Oct 2016

GoDaddy - Nov 2020, Mar 2017, Sept 2012, 

Azure - Oct 2021, Mar 2021 (2), Mar 2019

Google Cloud - Jun 2021, Dec 2020, Nov 2020, Aug 2020, Nov 2019 

Akamai - Jul 2021, Jun 2021

Fastly - Jun 2021

Constellix: All the Solutions You Need, None That You Don’t

Why choose Constellix for your DNS? Besides consistent top-performing speeds in Norway, we provide some of the most sophisticated edge DNS solutions in the industry. Some of the most notable are:

Tip: Constellix nameservers run on parent company Tiggee LLC’s expansive bare-metal infrastructure. With 23 PoPs and counting, more than 3,500 peers, 540 Gbps of peering capacity, and 730+ Gbps of transit capacity, your domain is in good hands with us. Visit our Year End Review + 2022 Preview to learn more about our network and expansion plans.

Best DNS Norway: Connecting Your Business to Your Customers

Whether it’s work, play, education, security, or even medicine, we’ve seen a seismic shift in how the world connects—especially in business. Regardless of what type of website you have, DNS is at the core of your domain and should be an integral part of your strategy. 

At Constellix, you aren’t just another number. The success of your business matters to us. Unlike other providers, we look out for your bottom line by only selling you what you need, never the things you don’t. And of course, we ensure your query resolution is lighting fast and that your domain is always online.

Don’t just take our word for it. Schedule a demo today to see how Constellix can help you!

Heather Oliver
Heather Oliver is a Technical Writer for Constellix and DNS Made Easy, subsidiaries of Tiggee LLC. She’s fascinated by technology and loves adding a little spark to complex topics. Want to connect? Find her on LinkedIn.

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