DNS Made Easy Offers Premium Live Video Chat Support

DNS Made Easy takes a different approach to customer service. We provide DNS traffic management for over one million domains, but strive to keep the “family” feel in our organization—and our family includes our customers. 

A Digital World Shouldn’t Mean Less Human Connection

It’s critical that experiences aren’t dehumanized as business models reshape to better fit remote work and the growing demands of consumers. After all, behind every computer or smartphone is a person. With all the automation and convenience features available, it’s easy to lose a sense of human connection. As a way to combat unintentional dehumanization and foster a successful relationship with our customers, we decided to implement live video chats into our support packages—a first in the industry!

We want your customer experience to rival that of the superior DNS solutions we provide. 

How Live Video Chat Works at DNS Made Easy

DNS configurations are often complex and enterprise-level organizations, especially, face unique challenges. This was a motivating factor for implementing live video chats into our platform. Options for video chat include troubleshooting, domain migration, account reviews, and more.  

Video Chat Quick Facts: 

Live video chat is included for all enterprise-level DNS Made Easy members or can be purchased separately as a supplemental support package.  

  • Troubleshooting 
  • Screensharing 
  • Configuration walkthroughs 
  • Migration support 
  • Account reviews
  • Dedicated Slack Video Chat 
  • Zoom Meetings 
  • Personal Connections 

DNS Made Easy Goes the Extra Mile for Its Customers 

We’re excited to be the first in the industry to provide enterprise clients with an additional layer of personal support. We value every customer that joins the DNS Made Easy family. It’s the people behind a business that truly makes it successful. We are grateful to have a team that’s enthusiastic and dedicated to providing our customers with amazing experiences along with superior DNS products. 

New to DNS Made Easy? Sign up for a demo today and see what we’re all about! 

Heather Oliver
Heather Oliver is a Technical Writer for Constellix and DNS Made Easy, subsidiaries of Tiggee LLC. She’s fascinated by technology and loves adding a little spark to complex topics. Want to connect? Find her on LinkedIn.

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