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DNS Made Easy is proud to announce has been awarded the G2 High Performer award in the Summer 2022 Report. This exciting accomplishment in 2022 clearly showcases the strength and reliability of our network spoken by actual DNS Made Easy users. This badge reflects how satisfied our customers are with our product and the trust that has been built over the past 22 years.

What is G2?

G2 gathers and publishes unbiased user reviews of B2B software, hardware, and services to help professionals objectively assess what is best for their business. Our mission is to provide the insights business professionals need to gain confidence in their buying decisions and become more successful in their jobs.

About G2 Best Managed DNS Providers

Managed DNS providers deliver computing power to customers and facilitate their web-based traffic. These providers pool datacenter resources to power traffic across numerous customer websites, applications, and networks. Users access a web-based dashboard or desktop application that allows them to control DNS traffic to prevent failover, authenticate visitors, and manage DNS data . Some providers offer security features for protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Top Managed DNS Provider List- 2022

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What does the G2 High Performer badge mean?

Managed DNS High Performer Badge 2022- DNS Made Easy

G2 badges are a symbol of excellence and customer satisfaction. G2 badges are awarded based on feedback from customers of a product, which is what makes these awards so prestigious. Trust badges are important for businesses to demonstrate the reliability of their products and services to their customers. DreamFactory prides itself on delivering a fantastic product, but with the added benefit of the G2 trust badges, consumers are able to see that not only is the product reliable, but so is the company.Not only do trust badges embody the trust others have for a company’s products, they provide reassurance for the buyer that they are making the right choice. The G2 High Performer award shows that a business is also constantly working to improve itself and its product and will ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase or subscription.

What DNS Made Easy Customers Told G2

May 24, 2022

"THE most rock solid supplier we have"

What do you like best?

We build infrastructure for the internet; as such DNS is essential! We've been using DNS Made Easy for almost 10 years now. During that time we've had to evaluate other DNS providers for our customers. Not one has gotten close to the uptime and availability of DNS Made Easy. We monitor DNS Made Easy very strictly and during those 10 years we have never seen an outage affecting their entire network.Review collected by and hosted on

Mar 09, 2022

"Great service for your DNS needs"

What do you like best?

DNS Made Easy is an excellent service for your DNS needs. They've got an API that a developer can leverage to build in automation, as well as some fantastic customer support. There's also a Terraform module if you're using that to manage your Infrastructure. The module makes it easy to commit your DNS records to version control.

If you're ever curious about different ways to tackle a problem, they're always available to help walk you through things. Their dashboard is straightforward, albeit a little old-fashioned in the looks department. But it gets you the information you need with minimal mouse clicks. They support multi-factor authentication for logins, which is nice. We've been a customer for over five years and haven't run into any issues.

Their pricing is based on the number of DNS queries, and it's easy to see where you're at for the month.

Jun 14, 2022

"Easy to set up and just works!"

What do you like best?

The ease of setting up and managing DNS records is our favorite part, nothing is hidden or oversimplified that in the end just makes it harder to do what we want.Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike?

Honestly nothing, very few products I can say that about but I honestly can't think of a single thing I'd change, even the price is more than reasonable.Review collected by and hosted on

What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?

Managing DNS records for all our domains (20+) with a reliable DNS service that we can count on to stay up. And the simple reports let us see what is going on quickly and easily.

Managed DNS 2022 Grid® Report

For a category to be data ready for a Grid® Report, it requires:

  • 6+ products with 10+ reviews in the category
  • 150+ reviews in the category overall
  • All key players in that category included
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