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As the saying goes, all good things come to an end. But endings can actually be opportunities for new and more successful beginnings. This holds true for DNS too! By now I’m sure you’ve heard that Dyn is slowly, but steadily deprecating their DNS services. Most of the company’s free resources were eliminated by 2019, and they have also done away with several premium services.  

What does this mean if you are a current Dyn client?

Well, it means you have a decision to make. And soon, because by May 31, 2023, Dyn’s managed DNS is set for official retirement. Of course, it was also supposed to retire in 2020, but the new date is likely “the one.”

While a couple of services initially slated to end in 2020 are still hanging around, there were several that were retired on time:

  • Zenedge DDoS
  • China Network
  • Bulk Hosting
  • TLD (Top Level Domain)
  • Internet Intelligence (August 2021)

Oracle vs Dyn DNS

Dyn’s move into early retirement is a result of the Oracle acquisition in 2016. Oracle is no doubt hoping to transition current Dyn users to its cloud platform come retirement time. As Oracle is one of the leading cloud providers, you may wonder why that would be a bad thing. And we’re not saying it would be, especially if your organization is planning to integrate your products and services into Oracle’s cloud infrastructure. There are some important factors to consider, however.

The downside is, Oracle is not a DNS company. And as you know, DNS is not something you should neglect or treat as a non-priority. The process would also be the same as switching to a new provider. So really, there’s no better time to explore your options—you’ll be making a move one way or the other.

Let’s take a deeper look into the differences between Oracle and Dyn (currently).

Of course, we highly anticipate that many of Dyn’s DNS services will be morphed into Oracle’s services. 

DNS Services Not Supported By Oracle

The following Dyn DNS services are not supported by Oracle: DNSSEC, Dynamic DNS, External nameservers, Secondary DNS status notifications, zone publish notifications, and monitoring agent changes. 

Aside from unsupported services, the biggest problem we foresee with migrating to Oracle is, many current Dyn customers only have need of DNS services. When DNS is offered through major cloud providers, DNS is often (but not always) an afterthought or takes a back seat to other services. Oracle doesn’t have its own history of DNS, either, so how DNS will perform fully on Oracle is an unknown, though the company does have a massive cloud infrastructure so results could very well be positive. Another thing to consider is that the Oracle UI is likely to be vastly different. All the extra services may also be confusing or overwhelming to users who just want DNS-specific features. 

Onboarding to Oracle would require most if not all steps that would be necessary if moving to a different provider including:

  • Switching nameservers
  • Account setup, including sub-users
  • Reconfigurations (for nonsupported or new services)
  • Changing API calls, and more

Dyn vs Contellix vs DNS Made Easy

If you are looking into your options, you should look into DNS Made Easy or Constellix—both of which are DNS-first products and would be a perfect fit for customers migrating from Dyn.

Here is a comparison of the major products in Dyn, Constellix, and DNS Made Easy. 

*Note: this isn’t an exhaustive list of services, but represents the core services for each provider. For a more detailed view of services visit: Constellix, DNS Made Easy, and Oracle Dyn.

Oracle Dyn Pricing: DNS Provider Comparison

We understand that pricing is a major concern for any business. We strive to be transparent in all aspects of our business, including how much we charge for our services. That’s why we are including this pricing comparison for some of the most popular products between us and Oracle’s current services.

For detailed pricing specs on all products visit:

DNS Made Easy Pricing

Constellix Pricing

Oracle Pricing

Choosing the Best DNS Provider

As a current Dyn user, you are facing a big decision. Either way, you are technically migrating to a new provider. Oracle may be using Dyn DNS, but the product will be different once users move over. Research your options now, so your transition will be seamless. Ultimately, you want a provider that has everything you need, but not a bunch of stuff you don’t. 

Our support specialists at Constellix and DNS Made Easy have helped thousands of businesses successfully migrate from Dyn (and other providers) without any downtime. Our goal is to make the process stress-free and minimize or completely eliminate any issues during the transition.

Heather Oliver
Heather Oliver is a Technical Writer for Constellix and DNS Made Easy, subsidiaries of Tiggee LLC. She’s fascinated by technology and loves adding a little spark to complex topics. Want to connect? Find her on LinkedIn.

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