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DNS Made Easy has everything your enterprise organization needs to keep your domains online 100% of the time. Since 2001, we have led the industry with the fastest DNS speeds, highest uptime, and the most advanced analytics tools available. We provide IT groups with a fully optimized environment for your domain's security. Brands have chosen DNS Made Easy to reduce their IT staff workload, increase uptime, improve performance, and lower IT expenditures for more than 20 years.

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DNS Management - What's Included?

DNS Made Easy's Managed DNS service provides everything you need to keep your DNS online. All Managed DNS services are configured through our intuitive control panel, APIs, or with the many tools that have been developed to utilize our REST API.

Enabling your domain to use our Managed DNS services allows you to take advantage of:

All of our network lives at the edge so we are always fast, always online, and always creating the best digital experience for your brand. With the world's largest dedicated authoritative DNS network (AS16552) ready to power your domain, downtime is no longer a concern for your organization.

With our proprietary Triple IP Anycast+ (TIPA+) edge network, our set of nameservers provide unmatched reliability at the fastest speeds available. We are the only provider in the world with a proven 12+-year history of 100% DNS uptime. We are fully RFC compliant and offer a traditional secondary DNS service that seamlessly integrates with other providers and services.

DNS Made Easy has developed proprietary analytics and real-time logging services that provide your organization with a deeper understanding of your unique DNS traffic.

With DNS Failover, Global Traffic Director, and ANAME records you can create custom configurations that match the specific use cases of your organization.

DNS Made Easy and sister company Constellix are the only services in the world that provide you with real-time alerts based on detected DNS traffic changes. This proprietary solution utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), which helps prevent outages by identifying threats and suspicious activity.

With over 20 years of DNS experience, no other service provider is as qualified to handle large, global DNS migrations. Our engineers have helped transition DNS for millions of domains without any downtime.

Higher uptime, fastest speeds, and outage-free migrations.

DNS Made Easy Facts:

• DNS Made Easy has had over 13 years of 100% uptime—the longest outage-free history in the industry!

• Many DNS Made Easy clients have had 100% uptime for more than 20 years!

• No other service provider in the world offers advanced analytics and real-time logging solutions.

• DNS Made Easy completed its SOC 2® assessment.
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DNS Made Easy provides advanced tools and security features, which allow granular DNS permission management for your entire team, including record, domain, billing, and Sonar management. Full SAML / SSO integration is available for corporate and enterprise-level organizations.

We understand that large organizations require automation. For the past 10 years, we have been industry leaders in API and SDK support for enterprise DNS services. Our DevOps team is committed to providing innovative solutions that solve complex problems and integrate seamlessly into any workflow.

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Why is DNS Made Easy the best DNS provider?

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With the 12+ years of 100% true uptime no other provider can compare to our service level of quality and reliability. Schedule a call with our sales team to see how our network (AS16552) dominates the industry for DNS.

We are the only service in the industry to have regional and global 100% DNS uptime for 11+ years. Our stats speak for themselves. Our Triple IP Anycast+ edge network was specifically designed for DNS, and we make sure that every query is answered. We provide capabilities to seamlessly add a secondary DNS provider and never worry about outages again. If one of your services is unavailable, the other provider will answer all query traffic with no downtime or performance degradation.

Time is money when it comes to Internet speeds. DNS load times can account for 50% of network overhead. Our proprietary Triple IP Anycast+ network brings your records closer to your users, slashing resolution times and Time to First Byte (TTFB). On average, DNS Made Easy answers queries in 30 milliseconds or less in all major markets. This is great for SEO, your clients, your brand, and your revenue.

Our proprietary Peregrine DNS update technology has led the industry for 20+ years. Move websites and servers with ease. Our network allows for instant DNS propagation, which means you can make record changes that update all DNS Made Easy nameservers across the globe instantly.

Manually control your domains through our control panel or manage your domains through code by using our RESTful API to scale quickly, easily add new systems, automatically provision subdomains, manage your clients' domains, and so much more.

DNS Made Easy has completed our SOC 2® Type 2 assessment. We can provide SOC 2® Type 2 reports and attestations of compliance upon request. DNS Made Easy has designed, implemented, and operated our system of controls to meet our service commitments based on the Trust Services Criteria for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality and Privacy.

We have been providing solutions to server outages since 2002. Try our Failover services! When utilizing our DNS Failover services, we will automatically reroute traffic to available systems (i.e. servers or data centers) during system and/or service outages to avoid downtime.

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Custom DNS Records and Analytics

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Create custom DNS records for users in different regions of the world using our Global Traffic Director (GTD) solution. GTD reduces load times and improves resolution accuracy.

See where your queries are coming from and which records and protocols are being used. Our DNS Analytics are so powerful, you can even use it to predict and troubleshoot DNS attacks in real time.

DNS Made Easy is the creator of the ANAME record. This record lets you map FQDNs at the root of the domain or use a CNAME where it would not normally be allowed.

Supported Records of Our Managed DNS



Wildcard A/CNAME

Round Robin (load balancing) A/AAAA
HTTP Redirection
Failover with A records

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