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We only offer DNS management services and have spent the last 15 years perfecting our products. From failover to regional traffic routing, our service consistently outperforms the competition when it comes to price and performance.

Easy and Affordable DNS Services

Reduce Load Times

DNS load times can account for 50% of network overhead. Our IP Anycast network brings your records closer to your users, slashing resolution times. On average, DNS Made Easy answers queries in 30 milliseconds or less.

Instant DNS Changes

Move websites and servers with ease. Our network allows for instant DNS propagation, which means you can make record changes that update all DNS Made Easy nameservers in real time.

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Stay Online, Guaranteed

DNS Failover

Automatically reroute traffic to available systems (like servers or data centers) during outages to avoid downtime.

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Secondary DNS

Also known as backup DNS, secondary DNS lets you use more than one DNS hosting provider at a time. If one of your services is unavailable, the other provider will answer all query traffic with no downtime or performance degradation.

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DNS Failover

Scale with Ease

Global Traffic Director

Create custom DNS records for users in different regions of the world. GTD can also reduce load times and improve accuracy because it automatically answers users within the same region.

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DNS Analytics

See where your queries are coming from, and which records and protocols are being used. This tool is so powerful, you can even use it to predict and troubleshoot DNS attacks in real time.

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Scalable DNS

ANAME Records
Use a CDN at the root of your domains

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Manage your domains programmatically

Define Your Own TTL's
Control how long your records are cached

500% back SLA
Guaranteed 100% uptime

Bulk Edits
Make bulk modifications to your records

24/7 Support
Web-based ticketing support

Sub 30ms Speeds
Fastest query resolution times in the industry

Extensive Knowledge Base
Written/video tutorials for every feature

Records We Support

  • A
  • AAAA
  • CAA
  • NS
  • MX
  • SOA
  • PTR
  • SPF
  • SRV
  • TXT
  • Round Robin (load balancing) A/AAAA
  • HTTP Redirection
  • Wildcard A/CNAME/HTTP Redirection records

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If you require month to month pricing, please contact a sales representative at +1.703.880.3095

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