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Internet usage has skyrocketed since its inception in the early 80s, however, it has experienced a profound spike in activity from the year 2000 to 2020. According to Broadband Search, consumption increased by 1,266% during that time period. 

India Internet

A 2019 statistic that focuses on the demographics of internet users by country shows India is the second-largest online market in the world with 560 million users for the reported year. Usage in India is growing.  By 2023, there will be an estimated 650+ million internet users in the country. The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has shared that there are 622 million active users as of 2020 and approximates 900 million by 2025 which would be an increase of 45% in the next five years.

Did you know? By 2025, there will be more internet users in rural India than in urban India.

Top Ten Visited Websites in India

The highest trafficked websites in India include social networking platforms and video streaming resources. Entertainment and communication are important in India’s culture. 
According to similarweb, here are the top ten most visited websites in India:

  1. Google
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook
  4. Instagram
  5. Co-WIN
  6. Zoom
  7. WhatsApp
  8. Amazon
  9. Twitter
  10. Wikipedia

DNS Server

For all websites to be accessible to end users, computers first needed to talk to each other. There was also a need for a computer language interpreter that could translate domain names into machine-readable languages. The Domain Name System (DNS) did just that. DNS plays an integral role in internet queries and the communication between the end user and the nameservers that store all of the domain IP addresses. Without it in place, we would have to remember the IP address for every website that we want to visit. 

The end-user query goes through a series of recursive and authoritative servers to properly resolve and deliver the searched domain. 

Best DNS Server in India

Since all queries go through a similar process, all DNS servers are the same, right? Not quite. Location location location—it’s is equally important in determining where to purchase a home as it is to where DNS records should be obtained. This makes a significant difference in DNS performance and speeds. 

Being housed in the GPX Mumbai data facility affords Tiggee (DNS Made Easy and Constellix’s parent company) systems the best connections to hundreds of networks. GPX builds and operates next-generation Tier 4, private, carrier-neutral data centers, and provides services for approximately 150 businesses, including DNS providers. 

Fastest DNS 

Establishing a new point of presence (PoP) in Mumbai, India allows the DNS Made Easy and Constellix network to provide the region with first-rate connectivity. Infrastructure and location are key players in expedited DNS query responses. Having the servers located within the data center eliminates the extra lookup time that would result if they were located elsewhere.  Any delay in speeds can lead to a deduction of revenue. 

DNS Speed Comparisons

DNS providers focus on speed as their main selling point. There is one way to know for sure which provider will offer the speed you are looking for—by putting it to the test. 

Tiggee networks have been top in speeds around the world, but here is how the DNS Made Easy and Constellix network compares to other leading providers in India.


Akamai is a content delivery network (CDN), cybersecurity, and cloud service provider that also provides DNS resources. PerfOps show that Akamai’s DNS speeds in Mumbai are 615% slower than Constellix’s. 

AWS/Amazon Route 53

Amazon is an internet staple and the company’s DNS service Route 53 offers competitive speeds, but Constellix is reported to be about 32% faster. These results are indicative of Constellix’s competitive presence in India.

Google Cloud

Another notable provider is Google and it is the number one visited site in the region, however, its DNS sector is slower than Constellix’s by 388%. 


Cloudflare DNS speeds fluctuate and are the most competitive with Tiggee’s network. When its performance is faster, it is typically by a negligible difference (0.12 times faster). However, Cloudflare has a long history of outages. The most recent one was an extended outage on May 4, 2021, that left Fortune 500 company websites inaccessible to customers. 


When comparing speeds in India, UltraDNS is notably slower than Constellix in the region. They are reported to be 76% slower and also experience frequent outages. 


PerfOps shows NS1 as 172% slower in speeds when compared to Constellix and DNS Made Easy’s network. 


While they offer DNS and multiple cloud applications, Dyn clocks in at 808% slower in the region. 

Why DNS Speed Matters

What does all of this mean? Whether the percentage difference is substantial or not, Tiggee’s expansion into Mumbai, India has proven to offer the area competitive speeds, even when compared to some of the largest providers. End users will receive query responses that much faster and in turn, companies’ profits don’t suffer.

Did you know? A 1-second delay can lead to a $2.5 million loss for websites that generate $100,000 per day.

More options in the area result in a customer-led market in which domain owners can shop around for the DNS management options that best suit their needs.

How to Find the Best DNS Provider

The reliability and infrastructure of the service should be investigated as well as all of the DNS management solutions they offer. Speed is irrelevant if the site is down. 

Outage History

Outages are real and happen more often than we should accept. They can also happen to anyone, no matter how big or small of a domain and the more revenue the websites generate, the harder they fall. Many of the top DNS providers listed in the comparisons above have suffered recent outages. 

  • Google DNS experienced an hour-long outage that affected millions of users globally on March 17, 2021.
  • UltraDNS also manages top domains, including hospitality and banking websites, and had an outage on May 6, 2021.
  • Akamai’s CDN outage on June 8, 2021 caused delays in airline flights and banking transactions. 

These are just a few. We have a list of more outages that have occurred in 2020 and 2021.

DNS Products and Services

DNS providers offer different solutions that assist in traffic management and securing various points of failure. Infrastructure is also key to reliable service by providing resiliency and ensuring websites stay up and running at all times. 

Real-time analytics tools with anomaly detection, failover and load-balancing configurations, Secondary DNS, and Multi-CDN management are just some of the strategic services that can ensure your domain connections remain healthy. 

As the above comparison examples show, the best approach is to investigate companies that specialize in DNS and only DNS. When a provider specializes in only DNS management, they are not competing against their other services in providing competitive speeds and reliability. This means that their time, investments, and expertise are committed to providing the best competitive DNS resources on the market.

Constellix and DNS Made Easy offer machine-learning tools that allow you to essentially transform domain analytics data into actionable threat intelligence.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Going all-in with one provider can leave you stuck with them for an extended period of time and you may find yourself lacking pertinent amenities when it’s too late. Avoiding DNS vendor lock-in is strongly recommended.

Infrastructure and Reliability

Strong infrastructure and reliability of the service should be of utmost importance. By extending the infrastructure into Mumbai, India, Tiggee has been able to secure a direct connection to the major transit providers in the region as well as direct connectivity to the largest peering exchange in India. While some competitors have more peering capacity, their speeds are still slower than what Constellix provides in the region. 

Tiggee LLC aims to continue to increase speeds and resilience with more global peering locations to maintain domain and brand connections. DNS Made Easy and Constellix nurtures the business connections between domains and their end users. Since parent company Tiggee LLC is one of the only providers that focuses solely on DNS management services, they have been able to build and own their own iron-clad infrastructure that is superior in maintaining customer uptime with an 11-year zero downtime history.

Tanya Valdez
Tanya is a technical writer at DNS Made Easy. As a former educator and customer service representative, she has a great talent for making complex topics like authoritative DNS easy to understand.

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